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My dad's friend was supposed to pick me up from the bath so that I would be home for dinner on time at 8. On the way he stopped short because he had to. I only really wanted to go home because it was starting to rain, it was cold and I had forgotten my underwear at home and was not wearing anything under it because my bikini was wet from bathing. When I told daddy's buddy he started groping me, grabbing my pussy and tits and telling me to blow his cock! I did and then he wanted to fuck me too! Well somehow it was cool, but that must never come out! In the end he pumped everything into me and then it ran out again!

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paddy99 wrote:
mit einer der geilsten videos
Ben_Force_One wrote:
und wann ficken wir mal in meinem Auto??
hoerly wrote:
du kannst auch gerne mal bei mir mitfahren
caspa1972 wrote:
das spielt ihr aber gut ihr beiden