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Leonie Pur - So it all started!

On this page I tell you my story about the beginning of sex and amateur porn. But first of all: only the name is decent!

I'm Leonie, 26 years old and a trained industrial clerk. I never really liked the job in the office because it was simply too boring for me. And so I quickly looked for something else after my apprenticeship - something really exciting!

You have already discovered my initially secret hobby, which is actually no longer secret. Here on my private page I share with you all my intimate and dirty moments and I bet you will find it as exciting as I do. Now you want to know more, right?

I grew up innocently in Dresden. At the tender age of 18, we made a short stopover in Chemnitz and then on to Switzerland. Only a few years later I landed on the island of Mallorca and since then I've been enjoying the hot Spanish sun on my skin.

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„From the Schmuddel homepage to the first sex movie“

But how did the hot films and my indecent streak come to show me naked in front of the camera? As it is, there is a dildo here and there, you accidentally fall on the thing and the friend films it with the camera - happens to me constantly and probably everyone knows.

But joking aside! I'm really asked that very often. At the time, I was 18 years old and very curious and sexually open. It occurred to me that I had heard of "some kind of dirty homepage". As soon as I had made a mistake, my profile was set up and I was online with my webcam. I found it extremely exciting to be watched live when I satisfied myself. I quickly liked the fact that I stimulate the imagination of so many men. It gave me a kick that I had been looking for for a long time.

But this was just the beginning, because I was very taken with it and my pure curiosity took me one step further. Then I quickly turned my all first private clip in which I presented myself naked in front of the camera and put it directly online.

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„Very quiet at first. Then pretty violent!“

The number of messages in my mailbox increased day by day. Filled with insanely positive feedback and lots of wishes for new videos. There were numerous fans who complimented me very well and asked when they could have fun with me in front of the livecam. At first I was a bit reluctant and didn't dare to show my face or even turn on the sound. But that changed very quickly.

A few months later, my then new friend was at my home for the weekend. One evening we were sitting on my bed. Completely naked. Clothes were totally overrated in our freshly in love phase. Since I knew that my friend was quite tolerant and shared my curiosity about sex, I told him about my secret and showed him the website on which I was enjoying myself more and more. When I asked if we shouldn't even do this together, he nodded with a laugh and I immediately opened the laptop. It was hot to be watched while having sex and that kept increasing my desire. A few days later came the first video in which I let my friend film me and shortly afterwards even the very first sex video.

My desire for private sex videos with dirty dirty talk and wild orgasms was getting stronger. The camera has been my constant companion since then, because it is also great fun, just one or two risky ones Outdoor porn to turn.

„Dörtytork and goose meat“

Embarrassed I remember my first one Dirty talk videos back. Still a bit reserved and speaking with a quite distinctive Saxon dialect. God what am I glad that I got to know the world outside of Saxony! Don't get me wrong because Saxony is great and of course my home with friendly and warm people. But did you ever watch a porn in Saxon: "Goose meat like a fish in Lübe?" - You have to like it, but when I watch my very first "Dürdytork" videos, I can only really see myself here behind a pillow hide and roll grinning with eyes.

With my growing experience and the demand for better quality, I let you participate in my sex life to this day. I would like to share my most intimate moments with you. You are a very important part of this, because I am always happy to receive private messages and exchange ideas with you. Maybe you even have a wild idea or dirty ideas for future videos? I am sure we will have an exciting time together: - *

Your Leonie

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