Nasty cock torture after ruined orgasm

You have been walking around with a half-stiffener all day and are looking forward to your long-awaited redemption. I promise you an intense orgasm that will take all the pressure off you. At least I let you think that. Honey, these are just empty words. I massage your starved cock with my hands, just as you love it. Your salvation is anything but liberating. Until then, my dear, you don't know that. I let you believe, bring you to an incredible feeling of orgasm and ruin it properly! My laughter must be additional torture for you. Do you think that was already the nasty part? He's still coming when I rub my hands over your sensitive glans and jerk your cock with a nasty laugh!

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monkey-bus wrote:
So mean and so loving; you are a devil and an angel!
azgan2024 wrote:
Love the laughing, cute and cruel 🔥
bleibcoolokay wrote:
Still amazing!
Benneth wrote:
Still amazing!
bytenik wrote:
workingclasshero1 wrote:
LeoniePur does some of the best hand cock work I've ever seen. She can satisify my own cock everytime. She's lovely with her mouth too.
Tommy1291 wrote:
Du geiles Luder machst mich wahnsinnig
bonbon96 wrote:
pascuala89 wrote:
Ilovemuffins wrote:
Wie gern wäre ich das gewesen
Fofana13 wrote:
Nonono wrote:
aaabbb168 wrote:
Wow, einfach gei
Mresco187 wrote:
Krass ich will auch
Marco4699 wrote:
Wow, einfach geil🔥
freemurac wrote:
한번 받아보고 싶다..
dsl15742 wrote:
Why one Tha Uchida disks
Tobi33 wrote:
Sehr heiß 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
Makkoroni wrote:
Wie geil du das machst
David97 wrote:
jinar wrote:
Sehr heiß!🥵🥵🔥🔥
jijijoli wrote:
your ruin is so hard
Sucram1976 wrote:
Leonie ich liebe Dich....
Marmor66 wrote:
Love it!!😍
Alex600 wrote:
Einfach geil!
young_dagobert wrote:
You’re so mean! Love it
turtleben wrote:
This is so nice
Andreas1312 wrote:
Du hast es einfach drauf
Leelerer wrote:
einfach sehr geil
hombre12 wrote:
Jederzeit baby
Nimama123 wrote:
ernest wrote:
ohhhhhhh abatakam
Janis wrote:
Oh jaa absolut geil❤️
Ferencio wrote:
definetely best doing that
fubarpatsharp wrote:
jerk it baby
anonym1965 wrote:
Absolut geil 😍
Salpoeht wrote:
Can’t hold it
goesi88 wrote:
MyMister21 wrote:
I wish that was me fr.
obiwan26 wrote:
Schön fies 🔥
Flippovb wrote:
Ich liebe Diener Handjobvideos😍😍
datatoto wrote:
Evans wrote:
Perfect video
Matt1990 wrote:
Unbelievable teasing
fatalitie wrote:
Du macht einen ja verrückt
Lizardy wrote:
nice handy work
Chicubs320 wrote:
Great hand job!!
skymania wrote:
Theonetime wrote:
emanuelhandeler wrote:
Hammer ein Traum nur
matdekh wrote:
Soo sexy couldnt last till the end
Huberhuber40 wrote:
wow wow wow
dachdecker65 wrote:
mega geil der hammer baby
bale8916 wrote:
I love handjob💓
soja012 wrote:
u r the sxiest. slap the cock
eddy_534 wrote:
Smack it hard
volkmer wrote:
Mega Geiler Dirty Talk und Verdammt Brutaler Geiler Handjob von der Queen Leonie!!!
nicmaster wrote:
Absoluter Wahnsinn!
pittbull67 wrote:
interyon wrote:
I came so hard to this
felauten wrote:
mega geil :-)
Chienne wrote:
einfach nur göttlich
Zexaro wrote:
einfach nur göttlich <3
fragx wrote:
Einfach Geil!
MrFips wrote:
Du hast es einfach drauf ;-)
itap2204 wrote:
Sehr geil!!!
krusty wrote:
Mich darfst du auch gerne mal so bearbeiten
Barschwa wrote:
Sehr geiles Video wie immer
Jkees116 wrote:
Perfect video
Mollerbil007 wrote:
Dat was amazing
Meppenfan wrote:
Ein geiler Handjob, auf jeden Fall! Wahnsinn!
J4ckolo wrote:
Was man daran als Filter verstehen soll - egal wie sie es machen würde ich fände es geil
zaddik wrote:
Absolutely love
floyd_83 wrote:
Leonie kann anfassen, was sie will... es kommt gut...
DaNe021 wrote:
Mein Favorit
Colaweizen123 wrote:
Sehr geil!!!
unnevok wrote:
just perfectly mean
Idk1234 wrote:
So damn hot
chrischi905 wrote:
So würde ich gerne gefoltert werden^^
aleggo wrote:
Hat schon etwas!
Joni89 wrote:
Soo fies und doch soo geil. Dein Lachen ist der Hammer.
alf wrote:
Richtig Geil
SmallPepeeGuy wrote:
i will let you to torture me all day
Prax wrote:
That's so good !
Lancelot_ wrote:
she is so divine
ilikedccomics wrote:
Wow so hot!
jman wrote:
wow so hot!
clashbolo wrote:
oh jehr babe, soo geil
tainale3444 wrote:
Dirty is better
Tom_1892 wrote:
This made my willy feel nice
abdulr15352 wrote:
what a video
skebbby wrote:
Dirty is better
DasDing69 wrote:
Gemein aber mega Geil
Matthew94 wrote:
Looks divine!
Milverio wrote:
Youre gorgeous
pedromoraes wrote:
nice awesome
Scottyk2000 wrote:
simply the best. enough said xx
Floopy wrote:
Awesome video
lenoreyt wrote:
so will ich das auch
Punkto wrote:
ninomeleleo wrote:
bekm wrote:
Rede nicht so geil
judocrafter wrote:
Einfach nur geil!
xchris wrote:
So geil! Ich bin richtig geil gekommen
potato321 wrote:
so geil wunderbar
Chris1234 wrote:
Ich mag, dass Leonie so locker ist. Bitte mehr fiese Handjobs mit ruiniertem Orgasmus, auch der Clip mit Cum Blocking war sehr aufregend.
Born_Stein wrote:
Unfassbar 😍
zecuron wrote:
awesome that‘s what I like yeah
fliestef3 wrote:
Wow ist das geil
Doubbleyou wrote:
Rede nicht so geil💦😍
Kuwi wrote:
Du SAU lässt ihn einfach los am Ende
ThiesSt wrote:
Diese lache...einfach scharf
Will_i_am69 wrote:
I wish I was in his place
Deadbuthappy92 wrote:
Ich mags sehr...
WillisIV wrote:
I wonder what it would be like to receive post orgasm torture from Leonie???
maverrick00 wrote:
Magic Leonie!!!
Channel6 wrote:
So good! Leonie is the best!!
mac5891 wrote:
"Hoppla, da gehn wohl die Pferde mit dir durch" 😍😍😍
coldskipper wrote:
Och, wie gemein ;-) <3
jimmi421 wrote:
Best Post Orgasm Handjob Ever!
darklord2002 wrote:
Insane, thanks always
dbg123 wrote:
oh my wowwwww
Lonelylover wrote:
Die Königin des Handjob
joeriv1 wrote:
Super sexy best handjobs
Klaus59 wrote:
sehr gemein, sehr geil!
Tobitoobsen88 wrote:
Oh man is das geil, aber auch tierisch gemein…
whiterabbit66 wrote:
very hot experience
Schlampestefanie wrote:
Oh mein Gott. Ich habe Gänsehaut am ganzen Körper. Unfassbar geil
Hearthstone wrote:
charlipworld wrote:
hug63xx wrote:
So sexy!!!
cucutras wrote:
Awesome skills!
ravio wrote:
der Hammer
fickschnitzel12345 wrote:
oh how i love your teasing
lattenschuss7 wrote:
sehr geil...bitte mehr davon! vll schafft er es ja auch 2mal zu kommen? ;-)
Banane17 wrote:
Inquisition wrote:
Definitely in awe
zabrikk wrote:
absolutely AMA\ING
xeraton wrote:
Super heiß
joa_sch wrote:
Wow wie immer super heissssss
Staddi wrote:
So würde ich mich auch gerne mal foltern lassen 😍
Snowtim wrote:
Very good teasing
Ranchrider1 wrote:
6MazingerZ wrote:
Strong,very fast handjob. Impressive !!
Banjo wrote:
richtig gut. geht ab
Mofuker3223 wrote:
Hot hot hot
Ruben23 wrote:
Amazing!!! You are The best
elementman wrote:
this is really nice
painthunter wrote:
Einfach die beste 🥰🥰
FluffyDoggy wrote:
i wouldnt mind being tortured like this
tterin1 wrote:
Bitte folter mich ^^
Lup36 wrote:
Sehr sher nice
Driftsnlifts wrote:
SeKlinger3009 wrote:
Einfach göttlich diese Frau
cndy wrote:
Schade das ich das nicht war xD
carsten3117 wrote:
Mega geil von dir
Steffen666 wrote:
Richtig geil
drunkenmaster84 wrote:
Sehr geil 😍
johannesx10 wrote:
Sehr sehr geil!
Heisenberg09 wrote:
sooooo geil
rs4-b5 wrote:
Der Hammer 😍
Obi-Wank-Cumobi wrote:
LTYY wrote:
Leonie is the best. Very hot video!
jdhhyde wrote:
wow fantastic!! I love you
matthew8702 wrote:
Great video would love some dirty talk in English for all your English speaking fans would be so hot!
Jordi13 wrote:
Hammer Video, du kannst so schön gemein sein
maxschmerz wrote:
Schwanzfolter ... nee wenns von dier kommt kommts von herzen
likeyou40 wrote:
Gemein aber geil
Robb1 wrote:
Gemeines Luder
Lucas2412 wrote:
So geil das Video
bastlebast wrote:
so so hoot
Zenn wrote:
amazing, it makes me wish i knew german
Rngr8 wrote:
Love your vids! So fkn amazing
Petej1020 wrote:
Wow! So sexy
Briiiqueee wrote:
Wie wunderschön!!
Nautic wrote:
Heißes Wichsvideo hätte auch nicht bus zum Schluss durchgehaltrn💦
Adob26 wrote:
Sexy as fuck
Casualtop wrote:
naughty .... i love you !
yerrr wrote:
surprised he only came once
Chris_180 wrote:
Einfach geil
Dwg138 wrote:
Ur videos are next level
IchBinsMicha wrote:
einfach geil
crazeddot wrote:
That's so hot
mec_sympatoche wrote:
You are evil and angel at the same time !
Rhombusborke031 wrote:
Sehr geil!
Tuinstoel wrote:
Very fucking hot
Rubberman wrote:
I really like this vid
kaieru wrote:
Absolute traumfrau, würde ich auch gerne mal mit mir machen lassen
Alex-00 wrote:
I'd love to receive a torture like this on my dick.
kevincooo wrote:
so goodddd...
timaeh wrote:
oloppa wrote:
sehr gut... ;) ;)
Tripperstripper wrote:
Hammer Video
SpighiN wrote:
That’s awesome:OO
Grognak wrote:
das ist ja mega fies ung geil gleichzeitig
Manfred1984 wrote:
You are the best!
brandman wrote:
Wow, super Video! Aber auch sehr fies ;-)
Kevin0221 wrote:
So was würde ich am liebsten auch mal ausprobieren
leimatt wrote:
Super Video!
Maxmuller wrote:
Mega video
mannexxx wrote:
Ganz schön hart ... aber geil
holti wrote:
Geiles Video
Mercedes1369 wrote:
busdriver021 wrote:
wow you're so pretty
patpat8 wrote:
great video!!
Simenta1 wrote:
I love it so much !
msammer wrote:
Sehr geil!
Bad88Boy88 wrote:
sehr schönes Video
kukulovesyouall2 wrote:
Amazing video
Bodysoul wrote:
Hammergeiles Video
pape1987 wrote:
Amazing video
jonas99 wrote:
Hammer gutes Video
Weedstar636 wrote:
Wäre gerne an seiner Stelle 😅
Meisterpopper110011 wrote:
Nicht auszuhalten :-)
urban wrote:
Premium-Porno 💪 ein muss für jeden Fan
bleibolzen wrote:
Ich liebe deine post orgasm videos
smartboy88 wrote:
Ich könnt’s mir jeden anschauen
Robert60 wrote:
Wer kann bei dieser Behandlung noch was zurückhalten ...
christopholymp wrote:
Sehr geil!
Guglielmo87 wrote:
Super super
schad123 wrote:
teasing is soooo great!!
foffi91 wrote:
Das machst du so geil
Toothpix wrote:
amazing as always
Zlodej wrote:
i wanna be your
Undisclosed_21 wrote:
God I love the way you tease the cock head
Rainer67 wrote:
Sehr Geil .....
wtukker wrote:
What a nice strokes, wish it was my cock
PNY64 wrote:
Awesome video!
B-king wrote:
Wish it was my cock
leejk wrote:
geiles Video Engelchenoo
DamGroo18 wrote:
sooooo sexy baby!
andy19001 wrote:
geiles Video Engelchen
Endriukoval wrote:
amazing amazing amazing
Luda99 wrote:
I wish that was me.
kingofporncf wrote:
Das würd ich auch zu gerne mal mit dir erleben. Dein Lachen ist einfach himmlisch.
Davideiscoming wrote:
Totally addicted yo your hands, nails, voice, smile, tits, tongue. You are my drug. From Italy.
Guenni1411 wrote:
Sehr sehr geil
Jensjenson wrote:
Du bist so geil
aman2829 wrote:
wow very nice and great
Lancesmart500 wrote:
Gianthead13 wrote:
So good, you’re amazing!
caprilover wrote:
You're soo amazing!! Beautiful torture

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