Fatal confusion! How could that happen to me?

For about a month now I have a friend who is super great! Well, during sex, he could still step on the gas a little more and be persistent! His family is nice and his twin brother (except for the moving eyes) is also very nice. The two differ only in a small detail, a birthmark on the left foot. Now I have given my friend the key to my apartment so that he can come straight to me in the evening after work. I wanted to surprise him with a romantic bath, candlelight, and hot sex so he could relax on a stressful day! But something was different and in the end the shock came! I don't know how that could have happened to me !! I never would have expected that something like this would be possible at all!

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Hellrider90 wrote:
Wahnsinnig geil!
lbkeeper wrote:
Geil, Geiler, Leonie!
geselle wrote:
Da kommt man doch gern nach Hause...
Alex1948 wrote:
Geil Geil Geil
likeyou40 wrote:
Sehr geil, so kann das gehen zum Verwechseln ähnlich.
Hammm wrote:
Sehr geil !
ChioChip wrote:
Interessanter Blog 🤣🤣
lauf246 wrote:
Hallo meine liebe schatz so wie du bist hätte ich es auch gerne
Kasimero wrote:
Ein bisschen Entspannung wäre jetzt nicht schlecht 😁
Geilpati wrote:
Hammer geil
maxschmerz wrote:
Ich will auch bin au gestresst .....
Craig0083 wrote:
Love all your vids
professorgassmus wrote:
old but gold traumfigur
Inge83 wrote:
Kingdave87 wrote:
Zu geil.... Da will man auch 😎
Harley65 wrote:
Eine geile Überraschung für jeden Mann
zaddik wrote:
Nicht schlecht
floh9585 wrote:
Sehr scharf!!!
19paddy92 wrote:
Heftig aber geil ja 😊
Woerns wrote:
Sehr geiles Video
olir91 wrote:
super heißes Video
firestormhl wrote:
Richtig geiles Video von dir.
Jayembee89 wrote:
Wieder mal ein süßes Video;-)