Dominant schoolgirl seduces teacher!

Soon there will be exams and for hours now I have been sitting with my teacher and practicing. At some point I just didn't feel like it any more and preferred to do other things than just to learn !? EVERYONE knows that this teacher is such a small secret fucker who gets down on us young girls (18+) in the school toilet. I just unpacked my teeny tits, took his hand and brought it to my tits! The poor man didn't even know how it happened, but I didn't care, I wanted to fuck and he's my toy !!

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skifan11 wrote:
Können wir zusammen auch eine Zusatzstunde machen....?
skeitoge wrote:
I want to be your teacher to 🤪😘😍
leoniefan2018 wrote:
Ich als Lehrer würde sehr gerne Leonie und ihre Freundinnen und ihre Mitschülerinnen ficken wollen (Wenn ich Lehrer wäre).
10den wrote:
da möchte man Lehrer sein.....
maverick02 wrote:
du bist einfach nur geil
mrwhy wrote:
ich gebe dir auch gern jederzeit nachhilffe hihi
ralf30x6 wrote:
der Hammer. komm zu mir falls du noch mehr nachhilfe brauchst ;-)