Ill? Doctor inserts his giant thermometer rectally!

Now the cold season is starting again and of course I get sick! Because I don't go out at the temperatures, I called my doctor straight home to take a closer look at the problem. First of all, feel on my forehead and cheeks if they are hot, then of course taking a temperature is a must! But apparently the thermometer broke, so the doctor had to unpack the large emergency device to determine more precisely! In the end, the drug was administered up the ass! The whole thing took a little longer, but at least that's how he found out that I am sick and need bed rest. What would I do without my doctor!

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351gert wrote:
I've got a stethoscope for you
Jack7688 wrote:
Da misst man gerne die Temperatur
Uwe_B wrote:
einfach nur gei
HelloHello wrote:
So verdammt heiss
Harley65 wrote:
Geile Maus