Anal tips from the professional - for my boss!

My boss came to me a few days ago with a very private matter. In a confidential conversation, he confessed to me that he had never had anal sex and whether I could give him a few tips (!). A good secretary as I am, I invited him to my house, because such a topic has no place in the workplace - not that any of the employees notice anything. My plan: I'll explain it to him while showing it right in front of him! Active learning in theory and practice;)

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whiterabbit66 wrote:
you have to know his boss
jzeeyoshi wrote:
Danke für die Tipps
Joerg1 wrote:
da möchte Mann Cef sein
Harley65 wrote:
Geiles Luder
HelloHello wrote:
Kann man nur davon träumen
Theo-Emil wrote:
🤤 was ein Traum