Oh no! What is daddy's buddy doing here?

I was just trying on things and then Dad came home earlier than planned ... at least that's what I thought! But suddenly Papa's buddy was standing in front of me! Supposedly he wants to get something for Dad, but that's probably not all ... What should I do?

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Inge83 wrote:
Omg...sowas von lecker!!
Craig0083 wrote:
Wow wow wow
Uwe_B wrote:
Böses Mädchen...
likenicewomen wrote:
Very jummy
mannexxx wrote:
Ich will auch mal der „Onkel“ sein … 😅😅😅
campino_1977 wrote:
Du bist nee geile Sau
habo wrote:
Einfach geil
Robb1 wrote:
Ja, schön brav die Eichel sauber lutschen
Nomadi1981 wrote:
Einfach geil
tobi198823 wrote:
Wow richtig geil
ficker wrote:
Würdest du so vor mir stehen würde ich das selbe mit dir machen
kchief wrote:
geile geschichte