Two federal armed forces soldiers picked up and fucked

My girlfriend and I actually only wanted to take a little break because we had been on the road all day. We stopped at a small path and walked a little way in. Suddenly two soldiers came towards us and we both immediately had the same idea! I immediately spoke to the two of them if they didn't want to take part in one of our films ... At first the one was a bit hesitant, but then the lust won and I could suck his cock in the bushes. My girlfriend undressed right away and let herself fuck while standing. In the end we even got a mega load of sperm!

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derfraenker77 wrote:
Ich war Single als ich beim Bund war,warum seid ihr mir nicht über den Weg gelaufen. Ich hätte mich über die Gelegenheit sehr gefreut und die kleine Blondine gerne mal gebumst.