Telephone sex & extreme monster dildo! Part II

If I do something, then it is right! And so it turned out that I was on the phone with someone and somehow it got out of hand and we had really blatant phone sex. Horned up by his moans, I got so wet and itchy that I grabbed a couple of big toys to satisfy myself on the phone without restraint. Funnily enough, I let my cam run so that I can show you today how he and I left so easily that you will burst your pants just by listening to my smacking cunt, his gasping over speakers and my pure lust. I was very excited to see if I could get this 40cm massive part in at all. But my holes were already completely wet, so that everything slipped by itself. It was so cool when we both came violently.

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Kigger wrote:
Very hot stuff.
bigshaun wrote:
I love watching you get off!🤤