His first time sex! Part 2

I made an appointment with the sweet guy to take away the fear of women because he was still a virgin! So I blown his cock for the very first time and then he was allowed to push it directly into my pussy. He had to be careful not to get it right inside me. So we started out very slowly. But he did really well and when I sat on his cock, I was able to ride him really cool. He definitely enjoyed his first fuck and I took the sauce with my mouth out of his cock as a highlight!

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Asslover78 wrote:
Sehr sehr geil. Könntest bei mir auch gern machen
diggi_020289 wrote:
Ich will auch so gerne
TheDuke83 wrote:
Sehe sehr geil
Ricardo34 wrote:
So geil gekommen dabei
michi1279 wrote:
Ich will auch.
Max13113 wrote:
Wahnsinn :)
Tom134 wrote:
Einfach geil
mannexxx wrote:
Diesen Lehrgang will ich auch ... 🥰
Marcelll888 wrote:
Da würd ich auch gern ran :)