Pervy colleague caught snooping around!

What a pig! And I thought he just wanted to take a quick shower. I'm back in because I forgot something. There he is not suddenly standing at my wardrobe, rummaging through my clothes and jerking off on my panties? I was really flattened. But when I had calmed down again, I found it somehow also cool that he goes for my Schlüppis. So I let five be straight and played with him until he accidentally inseminated my little pussy!

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axelfoulie wrote:
wie gerne wäre ich an deine Wäsche gegangen..
RumBum92 wrote:
Geil nice anzusehen
Rainer67 wrote:
Bei einer so schönen Belohnung würde ich auch einfach an deine Unterwäsche gehen....Grins.