Mega Pee-Squirt

Hey my sweetheart, in the last few days two hot user gifts have arrived and today I finally had a little rest to test them out. So I made myself comfortable and was totally relaxed and pretty horny. I put the first gift (a hot anal plug) in my little tight asshole and already ran out. My little pussy was already dripping and shortly afterwards I stuffed the second gift (silicone dildo) into my tight cunt. She smacked out of sheer lust and I started ... This time I wanted to get really horny with you ... a mega orgasm ... I grabbed my Magic Stick and set it to level 5! Ohhhh my god ... what a great feeling. Ass and pussy stuffed, I continued to fuck myself until I suddenly had to come really heavily. The orgasm was so intense and cool! Thank you for the great gifts ... they are super hot!

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