Horny Pissing with Sexy-Holly

What the fuck are you gonna do when the bladders pinch? I haven't peed in ages and I needed the juice out. Thank God Sexy-Holly was with me. She had to pee so badly already. So we just let the hot piss run down our tight jeans. But who was faster of us two? Anyway, we had to go straight to the second round. Look, we have almost half a liter of pee together. Isn't it cool if we squeeze our pussies, isn't it? Maybe you are brave enough to take a sip of our hot Pussyshower?

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kroki1909 wrote:
Wow das ist der Wahnsinn
sven1986 wrote:
Richtig heißes Video ich würde sogar auch aus dem Messbecher raus trinken aber viel lieber habe ich es wenn ich es auch aus eurer muschi trinken kann ich lecke euch danach eure muschi schön sauber und sauge noch die restlichen Tropfen raus
TheDuke83 wrote:
Ich trinke den Becher gerne aus.