First a shot, then a hospital!

Yes you read correctly, I had a friend visit on Monday and we really let it go. I was so horny again to be fucked in front of the camera and I really wanted to see his hard plump cock! In the beginning it was all really cool ... I showed my big tits and played around with my pussy. He was of course watching... I grabbed his cock and wanked it hard so that I could put his cock in my mouth right afterwards. We were so horny to each other that he then fucked me deep in doggy. It also felt extremely hot and I enjoyed feeling his hard big cock inside me! He took me really hard and then we ended up in my bed, where we continued to fuck. Then I noticed that something was wrong ... in the end he squirted a full load of sperm on my Landig Strip. When we were done, I wasn't feeling well. I suddenly had pain in my lower abdomen and then had to be driven to the hospital. Diagnosis: Cyst on the fallopian tube burst due to hard fuck!

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blackracer73 wrote:
Geile Sau !