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That was awesome, definitely! I actually just wanted to take a little break at the rest area and relax a little. Suddenly a guy who had been watching me so strangely the whole time approached me. He wanted to know if I was looking for fun too. I didn't even know what he wanted from me and he then said it was about anonymous parking lot sex. Sounded super interesting, he looked cool too, why not, I thought! We quickly got down to business and he started fingering me. The fingers then quickly turned into hardcore fisting on the rest area table. The cars just drove past us. I then wanted to feel his cock and he put it in my pussy. He fucked so horny. When we were in the middle of it, we also got visitors. Apparently we were being watched and the guy wanted to join or see more. We took a short break, but he still wanted to come. I knelt down and he was allowed to squirt his sperm into my mouth. A mega horny cumshot and the visitor was suddenly there again. Too bad he didn't dare to take part! In any case, I'll make a note of this parking lot, because that was more than cool!

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Inge83 wrote:
Du hast sooooo einen sexy Body...😍😍πŸ”₯πŸ”₯🀩🀩
Janis wrote:
Megaaaaa heiss😍😍😍