46cm completely sunk?!

I would have preferred not to have asked what he intends to do with the 46cm long radish :) At first I really thought that he really wanted it for dinner, but I thought wrong. The gentleman only had perverse things on his mind again and wanted to try out whether the radish would fit in my holes. Yes holes, he wanted to put it in the pussy and in the ass. Luckily I like such horny games and immediately we went to the bedroom. But of course I also wanted to be fucked, because you can't just stick it in like that. So there was first a blowjob for his cock and then it was off in the pussy and in the ass. He pre-stretched my two holes nicely before we sunk the radish. What do you think, which hole did he go in better?

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Einfach-So wrote:
Ein Wahnsinn... :-)
badboy95 wrote:
Sehr Geil gut gemacht
Geilpati wrote:
Hammer geil