Cuckold - As soon as you leave the house!

It is exactly like that. Every time you little Cucki leaves the front door, I can't help but grab my cell phone to immediately start looking for fat cocks. You think that I'm satisfied with your tiny little dick that you hold out to me every day? Haha never. I let myself be penetrated and inseminated at home at our dining table by a foreign cock. Exactly at the place where I'll serve you your food after a hard day's work, I let myself be used horny just a few hours before! To crown your humiliation, I shot the clip for you here, but be careful! Don't let the food get stuck in your throat, you little cuckold loser :P

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bastian79 wrote:
Fies,aber Geil!!! Wenn du das mit mir machen würdest,dann hätte ich noch die passende Antwort für dich,es könnte aber auch sein,das es dir Gefällt!