23 cm fuck - Monstercock fucks me really hardcore!

What a fuck! I was so curious whether dear Marcel was just chatting and, if not, whether the 23 cm hold what it looks like. And yes, he had a really long stick, it could have been more than 23 cm, but I don't have a tape measure in my eye. After I sucked the fat monster prick really hard, the nice Marcel got started right away and that was anything but nice. My goodness the guy fucked me away! In between I didn't even know where I was when the long bar slapped my tight cunt, pounding hard again and again. Ok, it may be that I screamed a little loud, but where should I go with my horniness? From now on it's official, I like hard sex with real big cocks!

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Aognos wrote:
Lilly, du hast einen neuen Fan! :D