At the hotel in Münster! Daniel was trembling with excitement!

Daniel wanted to shoot with me but he is an entrepreneur, so I said, what luck, then he can book a hotel room for us in the name of his company. Hihihi. The idea is very risky, but the horniness outweighs it. So I was waiting for him in super sexy tight dresses and high heels. When he came in, he hardly got a word out and was trembling with excitement, but that's not a problem and was already able to convince him. Would you have dared too?

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Born_Stein wrote:
Wow 🤩 ist das ein Anblick
hotbear wrote:
Darfst gerne Bescheid geben, wenn du wieder einen Drehpartner in Münsterland brauchst.
xB4dboy wrote:
sebmueller wrote:
Supervideo! ☺️