Horny boss nibbles innocent trainee!

The new trainee starts today. Of course, as the boss, I like to play with my charms. Then I have to tell him his tasks today. Among other things, very special tasks with overtime, etc. Mr. Engel also acts completely innocent, but let's see what he says to his new horny boss. I rub his crotch with my heels, I need it now. I take his hard cock, suck it nice and hard. I lie down directly on my desk, spread my legs and show him exactly where to thrust, nice and deep into my dripping wet cunt. He's already pushing his cock into my fuck cunt and fucking me doggy as if he hadn't fucked in ages. After he's fucked my heart out, he squirts an XXL load of fuck sauce into my fuck face! Super hot, I want that before every workday. Do you want a boss like that too?

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Inge83 wrote:
Die Chefin gehört einfach gebumst...🔥 🔥 🔥
whiterabbit66 wrote:
the best boss in the world